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Cognitive Premiere New Music Video “Abhorrence”

Cognitive Premiere New Music Video “Abhorrence”

Cognitive Premiere Music Video For Title Track Of Upcoming New Album “Abhorrence”

Cognitive Premiere New Music Video “Abhorrence”

Cognitive has set May 17th as the release date for their upcoming album “Abhorrence.” The technical death metal band will be launching their fifth studio album through Metal Blade Records. Today Cognitive premiere their new music video for the title track of the band’s upcoming album “Abhorrence”, streaming via YouTube and Spotify for you now below.

For this effort, the New Jersey-based group opted to keep the recording sessions largely in-house. They recorded at the studio of their own drummer, AJ Viana, who also handled production, engineering, and mixing duties. Ryan Williams, formerly of The Black Dahlia Murder, among others, took charge of mastering.

Guitarist Rob Wharton shared his thoughts:

“Our lyrics for this record are all over the place. There’s some stuff about video games and addiction and mental health. To me, that’s the kind of subject matter that hits home because everyone’s got stuff going on in their lives. It’s relatable.

We were going through all the song titles and wondering which is the strongest song. We decided to go with Abhorrence. Everyone’s so mean and cruel to each other and the world is terrible. We just felt like it kind of encompassed everything. We had put a lot of time into that one specifically because there are so many repeating parts, but it was mostly about depression, anxiety attacks, and mental health.”

Speaking on the new single, Wharton added:

“‘Abhorrence‘ is a groove-filled song with a melodic chorus. Heavily syncopated drums make every chug hit harder and harder. It’s a song filled with tension and aggressive vocal patterns screaming about anxiety, panic, and depression all at once.”

“Abhorrence” track-list:

01 – “Abhorrence”
02 – “Insidious”
03 – “A Pact Unholy”
04 – “Ivory Tower”
05 – “As The Light Fades”
06 – “Savor The Suffering”
07 – “Containment Breach”
08 – “Rorschach”
09 – “Psychopathy”
10 – “Cold Dead Hands”

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