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Dirtbag Republic drop video for new single “I Don’t Care”

Dirtbag Republic drop video for new single “I Don’t Care”

Dirtbag Republic drop video for new single “I Don’t Care”Dirtbag Republic drop video for new single “I Don’t Care”

Dirtbag Republic drop video for new single “I Don’t Care”

Canadian rockers Dirtbag Republic consisting of lead vocalist Sandy Hazard, lead guitarist Mick Wood, bassist Dave Worden and drummer Ed Nijjer have unveiled a video for there new single “I Don’t Care” from their upcoming fourth studio album Bad Decisions, which will be released via the record label Sioux Records.

Photo courtesy of Dirtbag Republic

In an interview back in mid-May 2017, Sleaze Roxx asked Hazard if getting very good album reviews was enough for a band to “make it”, and if not, what was missing to make Dirtbag Republic a household name. Hazard replied:

“No, I don’t. Really, what’s missing is a foolproof business model to make that happen again. I honestly think the days of the “big” arena bands are gone. The only bands selling out arenas these days are retro acts for the most part. I recently watched the Fat Wreck Chords documentary ‘A Fat Wreck’ and it’s pretty shocking the impact the internet has had on devaluing music and decimating sales. This is a very popular punk label that had bands on their roster selling 100,000 albums consistently. Now they do 20% of that and the label has shut down four of their five offices and are running on a shoestring staff. That’s fucked!

We’re actually just in this for the love of music and for the fun of it, so if something were to blow up… that would be pretty rad. That being said, here are my blunt thoughts related to your original question. Both our albums were leaked online by some self-entitled assholes who don’t give a fuck about bands. They care about selling advertising on their sites linking to pirated albums. It’s not even worthwhile contacting them even after a few hours of the leak. It’s like playing a whack-a-mole game, because as soon as one of these assholes leaks your album, ten other sites jump on board using the excuse in their disclaimer “we do this for the poor countries and some bullshit about Lars Ulrich being rich.” So fuck those altruistic assholes! With that kind of bullshit, it’s hard for indie bands to get ahead and get any return on what they’ve invested in, which is always used to put back in the band to help it progress forward. I think going forward, it’s best to release a physical CD and release digital further down the road to negate the piracy on day one.

Back in the ’80s or early ’90s, one great review could actually generate a big boost in album sales. Now it is barely a blip to be honest. I think you have to be out there relentlessly touring and getting in people’s faces and hope for the best or move to Europe where new rock n’ roll bands are more widely popular. I’d also stay the fuck away from those major label crooks… If I want a money lender, I’ll go out and get a loan without losing my publishing and everything else related to band earnings. These major label dicks are now taking bands merch percentages… Fucking hell!

The whole streaming thing isn’t really helping bands either. Maybe they’re getting widely known from it, but the payouts won’t buy you a pack of smokes and six pack. I honestly feel bad for guys that have the dream to be a working musician and make a career out of it. It’s always been a crap-shoot, but now it’s a turkey shoot with us musicians being the turkey.”

Dirtbag Republic‘s “I Don’t Care” video:

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