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Real People, Real Radio

Alan James

Since his childhood, Alan has always had a love of music. He recalls receiving a “D” in sixth grade English because of his insistence on listening to the radio over reading books. When he was eleven, he and a friend were invited by the legendary Jim Sands (then of WHDH-AM Boston fame) to see him at work in the studio during his Saturday night Oldies show. Although fascinated by the in-studio workings of a radio broadcast, it wasn’t until Alan went to college in California that he first was exposed to the world of radio. His every intention was to become an actor, but he was soon bitten by the radio bug when he became involved in the on-campus radio station. After college, Alan started his professional broadcasting career at KNAB AM/FM in Orange County, California, establishing himself as a local personality. Alan soon moved back to his stomping grounds of New England, and once again embarked on the next leg of his radio career. Over the next fifteen years, he worked at various stations as an on-air personality, including WNSH-AM (where he was the morning drive man for six years), WLYT-FM, WHAV-AM, WBOQ-FM, WBMX-FM, WEEI-AM, and many other New England radio stations, as well as his last stint at WTSX-FM in New York, where he woke up the Lehigh Valley every morning. In addition, Alan established his own DJ entertainment company, performing at weddings and functions for over 10 years. He also broke into the world of television with his popular, local cable talk/variety show, North Shore at Night, highlighting local celebrities and events on Boston’s North Shore. In his spare time, he occasionally performs stand-up comedy. Alan relocated to Florida in 2022 in the hopes of becoming a professional writer. He has since written five successfully unpublished novels. :))

Weekdays // Roadhouse Rock // 6am-12pm Eastern
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