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Brandon Bright

I have a background as a Pastor, and currently, I travel the country as a seminar speaker. Sharing inspiration, and information that empowers lives through educational and career path options and opportunities, as well as general best practices for life success. When I’m not inspiring others thought public speaking or with my show on Total Worship Radio, I draw inspiration from my prayer group, The Shine Squad.
In my downtime, I’m working out as I am a health and wellness enthusiast, serving as the official spokesman for several health and wellness brands and products. I feel called to inspire, uplift and empower the lives of as many people as possible in God’s name and am so very thankful that I have been given a multitude of opportunities to do just that.
A few scriptures that have strongly shaped my life are: Jeremiah 33:3, Matthew 21:22 & Isaiah 60:1
Weekends // Total Worship Radio // 3pm - 6pm Eastern
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