Real People, Real Radio


G-rod here, I started my youth doing several things to try to get out of the neighborhood I was in.  I have always felt as I  was destined for greatness,  even as I navigated through all of life’s hiccups and hurdles.


In search of my real calling , I took a leap of faith and went down the path of broadcasting, after all I had always heard my voice and personality was made for radio. So, I started Bugged Out Mornings to reach as many people as possible the best way I knew how, by  just being relatable to everyone who would listen.


You can find me on the weekends drinking my Cafecito and having a “Bugged Out Morning” taking stress away and always thinking of the positives with unicorns and jellybeans!

Weekends // Hype Nation // 8am - 12pm Eastern
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