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Real People, Real Radio


Hey y’all! I’m Jareth Borealis, an ambivert neurodivergent queer. Here is a little bit of a background about me

Growing up, I had a passion for music and was surrounded by various genres. When I got to college, I decided during the winter of 2016 to try my hands at my own radio show and had two shows running by the time I graduated in 2019. One of the shows played soundtracks from musicals, the other played music from the 60s-70s to today’s hits.

That same year that I graduated with a Bachelors in Communication, focusing on radio broadcasting, I went for my Masters at Full Sail University. I studied New Media Journalism during my time there and made connections with those in the board gaming industry.

In my spare time, I’m a photographer and journalist with a niche for both the board gaming industry and the LGBTQA+ community.

Let’s vibe and hang out throught the air waves! <3

Weekdays // The Edge // 4pm-8pm EST
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