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Lisa London

“Music is my therapy…”

Meet Lisa London, your host doing the most in your midday lineup.  My show is called, Up Nexxt with Lisa London, motivating you to ‘Make your Nexxt move, your Best move’. “I love connecting with people through the power of music. Music allows us to communicate across the tapestry that would be human condition, woven together by the common threads of emotion, empathy and energy and bound by love.  And no matter the genre, music reminds us that when love is all we have, love is all we need and the world needs love today, now more than ever.”

While my favorite eras of music are the from 70s and the 90s, my musical acumen spans across the decades. “I’m excited about what the millennials have to offer musically, but I am an old-school girl at heart. ”


Zodiac Sign – Capricorn   Favorite Move – Imitation of Life     Favorite Color – Blue     Favorite Food – Cheesecake

You can follow Lisa across her social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and X.

Weekdays // The Vybe // 4pm - 8pm Eastern
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