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Matt G

I fell in love with music at an early age before learning to play a drum kit when I was 12-years-old. But I wasn’t a background musician and eventually made my way into frontman. Played several clubs in Hollywood, CA in the 1980s before realizing I needed a real job to eat. Eventually found my way onto the air waves at 97.5 FM KABX in Merced, CA before joing the team at 98.3 KMIX in Housgson, CA.

I decided I wanted to produce music and went to the Los Angeles Recording Workshop where I was certified as an studio engineer. And again, that just wasn’t enough. I joined a film production crew and worked as the assistant director on a film starring Eva Longoria titled “Snitch’d”. After producing hundreds of TV commercials and working on another film called “The Wakefield Project” as the audio recordist, I produced several concerts including the annual Super Bowl concerts for the military and the Oscars Parties at the Beverly Hills Hilton.

Currently I do a variety of voice over work and host a podcast called IPJ The Podcast on YouTube. I enjoy spending time with my family, our two dogs, and going to live concerts of all music genres.

Weekdays // Hot Hits 95.3 // 1pm-6pm Eastern
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