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Real People, Real Radio

Matthew Kircher

Ever since sixth grade, Matt became interested in Classic Rock, with his parents introducing him to artists such as Elton John, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Van Halen. He knew classic rock was the genre for him as he started collecting vinyl records, studied the history behind classic rock artists along with the music.

Matt got his Associates in Radio/TV in Spring 2019 at Northampton Community College and then transferred to East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania which he became a Student DJ for 90.3 FM WESS. One of the things that Matt loves is going to concerts in the Philadelphia area. Outside of Classic Rock, Matt is a huge movie and comic book fan.

Monday // Roadhouse Rock // 8pm-12am EST
Tuesday // Roadhouse Rock // 8pm-12am EST
Wednesday // Roadhouse Rock // 8pm-12am EST
Thursday // Roadhouse Rock // 8pm-12am EST
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