Real People, Real Radio


I am an only child and military brat born on Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines, but grew up in South Texas and I now live on a farmette in Pennsylvania. And I am a streak runner. No, not that kind of streaker like the Ray Stevens song. I run at least 1 mile a day EVERY DAY and recently celebrated my 8 Year Streakaversary.

I love music and collect all kinds of musical instruments from a banjo to a balalaika (Google it). The good news is that I have just enough talent to screech out a tune on most of them.

I love radio just as much. I used to love listening Kasey Kasem and Wolfman Jack (okay,am I showing my age?). Sometimes I’d record my favorite songs from their shows and then re-record them with me as DJ using two tape recorders. From primitive beginnings to Internet Radio! I think it’s destiny. How Kewl is that?

Saturdays // Classic Rock Planet // 7p - 12am Eastern
Sundays // Classic Rock Planet // 2pm - 6pm Eastern
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