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Real People, Real Radio

Stephanie Kay

I sort of fell into radio in the late 90s. I was friends with a karaoke DJ in State College, Pennsylvania and had started working with her in the DJ business. Her day job was as the Program Director for a small adult contemporary station, it was one of the first stations to be run by computer.

She brought me on as a board operator so that she and her morning co-host could go out on location. Except for the very early hours I really loved the job. A few months into it we had a visit from the stations consultant who said that even though the station didn’t need on-air personalities, there should always be a voice on the air. Since at the time I was the station’s only other employee, I got my first on-air shift. I was hooked.

In the early 2000s, Internet radio was just starting out and I was fortunate enough to find a position with a company that produced shows for Live365. Now we’re going to flash forward a few years to when I started working in country music, I became a country music promoter, talking to all the program and music directors at these stations and sharing stories about working in radio gave me the desire to get myself back out there, somehow.

That’s when I became a podcaster. Besides loving music, I also love science fiction and pop culture so I started a podcast that covered anything ‘geeky’. After a few years the show has evolved into a YouTube channel that specifically talks about all things Star Trek, including interviews with actors and others involved in the community.

Then a few months ago I answered an ad for on-air talent for and found myself back ‘on the air’ with Classic 100. Classic 100 is near and dear to my heart as I grew up listening to my father’s Beatles records and watching The Monkees reruns on TV. I grew up with a true appreciation for classic rock and love hosting my show and sharing the music with other classic rock fans.


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