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Doja Cat Teases Mystery Collaborator On Upcoming Single

Doja Cat Teases Mystery Collaborator On Upcoming Single

Doja Cat is gearing up to drop the deluxe version of 2023’s Scarlet album, and one of the new songs appears to have a surprise special guest.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday (April 2), Doja teased the appearance with a video that featured a snippet of her singing her a portion of her upcoming single “Masc” while the silhouette of its guest briefly flashed on the screen.

Judging by the hair and what appear to be shoulder pads, many in the comments believe it to be Teezo Touchdown, but fans will have to wait until Scarlet 2: Claude Frollo‘s release on Friday (April 5) to know for sure.

You can watch the preview below.

When previously announcing “Masc” with its cover art that features a close-up of her platinum blonde hair, Doja Cat was met with trolls who compared her hair to “pubes.”

The “Paint the Town Red” rapper soon after took to Instagram Live to clap back at critics over their immature comments.

“I’m seeing a consistent pattern in my comment section of people asking, is my hair pubic hair?” she said. “And it’s not even questions. Some people are like, ‘That is what it is.’ We gotta move forward. Let’s stop… I need you guys to get on that…not comparing 4C hair textures to pubes.”

Back in January, Doja Cat hinted at the release of Scarlet 2 by sharing a picture of a whiteboard with a tracklist for ‘S2’ that included seven songs. In addition to “Masc,” the other titles listed were “Acknowledge Me,” “Head High,” “Gang,” “Rider,” “Urrrge” and “Hungry” – but it’s not confirmed if those will make the final cut.

Doja Cat Teases Mystery Collaborator On Upcoming Single

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As for the name Claude Frollo, Doja explained in her interview on The Therapy Gecko Podcast in February that it’s inspired by the character of that name from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

“I feel like it connects to the story of ‘Scarlet’ in some way and if you look up his personality traits and who he is and his story, you’ll understand the whole connection,” she said.

“There’s a control aspect. He just abuses his power and his control and is dogmatic and a total cunt.”

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