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Earlier today, Sepultura announced that drummer Eloy Casagrande had quit the band. In their statement, Sepultura noted that Casagrande informed them of his departure on February 6 and “were taken by surprise, without prior warning, he immediately left the band, abandoning everything related to Sepultura.”

Now Casagrande has offered his own comment, thanking Sepultura for the years he spent with them and noting that there “is a lot to come and I hope to continue making a lot of music and art.” Slipknot has not yet commented on the situation.

“I would like to announce my departure from Sepultura. Being part of the biggest Brazilian metal band was one of the best experiences of my life. I just want to thank the band and crew members.

“It was a story of almost 13 years, in which I had the opportunity to learn and contribute with every song, show and recording. These were years of great dedication, intensity and commitment. We did 3 studio albums very well received by the critics, countless shows on 5 continents and a lot of stories to tell. So, first of all, I reiterate my thanks to Sepultura and the fans for everything we’ve been through.

“Maybe for the band’s fans it doesn’t make sense at this point, but decisions needed to be made thinking about new cycles that will come. We are made of choices and they are not always easy. My departure will never erase my respect and gratitude to the band.

“There is a lot to come and I hope to continue making a lot of music and art. See you on the road.”

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