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Antonin Dvorak predicted that American classical music would draw from African American traditions. A new article wonders why American classical music has remained so white.

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The Harp is your premier destination for the finest in classical music. Our station curates an exquisite selection of timeless masterpieces, from the grandeur of Beethoven and Mozart to the romanticism of Chopin and Tchaikovsky. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, The Harp offers a serene escape into the world of classical music, providing both well-loved symphonies and rare gems.

Tune in to The Harp to experience the brilliance of live orchestral performances, solo recitals, and chamber music. Our knowledgeable hosts guide you through the history and stories behind each piece, enriching your listening experience. With special segments featuring interviews with contemporary classical musicians, composer spotlights, and thematic programming, The Harp keeps the classical tradition vibrant and relevant.

Join us on The Harp, where every note resonates with beauty, and every moment is a celebration of musical heritage.


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