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The Game Sets His Sights On Meek Mill After Rick Ross Diss Song

The Game Sets His Sights On Meek Mill After Rick Ross Diss Song

The Game has turned his attention to Meek Mill after unleashing a venomous diss track against Rick Ross.

The Compton rapper took to Instagram on Tuesday (May 14) to mock a recent selfie that Meek himself shared online.

The Game reposted the photo, which shows the Dream Chasers boss smiling and rocking an untamed afro while on vacation, and captioned it: “Life is good.”

Meek’s original post read: “Can my fro go viral lol.”

The light jab comes just days after The Game released “Freeway’s Revenge,” a blistering track containing several flagrant shots aimed at Meek’s former label boss Rick Ross.

He ridiculed the MMG mogul’s weight, health issues and past stint as a correctional officer while making a salacious claim about his sexual kinks.

“Your baby mama told me that you liked to get peed on/ You a C.O., that’s the last time you had keys on/ And we know you treat Gunplay like he a peon/ And he knows some shit that ain’t cool for him to speak on,” he rapped.

He also spit: “He gon’ tell us he just bought another crib, he living well/ But he won’t tell us about his health condition, he sick as hell/ He popping pills, they starting to fuck with his brain/ Seizures off the lean, Balenciaga shorts got shit stains.”

While Rozay initially responded by dismissing The Game as a “starving” artist and quoting a 50 Cent line from their “Hate It or Love It” collaboration, he has yet to release his own diss song and seems unlikely to do so.

This unwillingness to engage irked The Game, who launched into another attack against the “Hustlin’” hitmaker on social media last week.

The Game Sets His Sights On Meek Mill After Rick Ross Diss Song

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“The cereal killer [duck emoji]’n this real smoke. Scared to drop that nursery rhyme you recorded the other night I see lol,” he wrote. “Fuck it, a quick W for the home team & some real rap for the fans playlist.

“Posting very attainable cereal bowls, bottled up dog piss & crouching by cars like that’s gone get you outta this ass whoopin’. IT AINT !!! & for rap fans worldwide.”

He continued: “Thing about most these rap n-ggas y’all idolize is…. they pick & choose who they diss very carefully. End of the day, ALL the n-ggas in this shit know what I’m capable of especially when it’s time to go bar for bar. The real ‘Rick Ross’ @freewayricky this one was for you big homie.”

“[And] as for chicken legs: you can’t whoop my ass or out rap me so… post all the cars, n fake watches you want to.. the real fans see through you & that Widebach Music shit !!! You can’t run from this shit. Shit, you can’t run period… human capri sun pouch body shaped n-gga you.”

The Game’s issues seem to stem from Rick Ross’ recent trolling of Drake, both on social media and his sneering diss song “Champagne Moments.”

Meanwhile, The Game and Meek Mill previously traded shots on wax in the 2010s before they buried the hatchet in 2018.

“Had beef wit a n-gga that could’ve ended in bloodshed either way. We had differences but when it all boiled down, we were once friends in & out of music,” the former said at the time.

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