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Welcome to Classic Rock Planet, where the heartbeat of classic rock pulsates through the cosmos. As you embark on this sonic journey, you’ll find yourself transported to a realm where timeless melodies collide with the infinite expanse of space. Here, the legends of rock ‘n’ roll reign supreme, their anthems echoing across the galaxies, bridging generations and igniting the imagination. From the electrifying guitar solos of Jimi Hendrix to the cosmic lyricism of David Bowie, every song on Classic Rock Planet is a testament to the enduring power of music.

So tune in, buckle up, and prepare for warp drive to embark on a voyage through the astral plane of rock history.


You’re Arrived on CLASSIC ROCK PLANET!


Weekdays // Classic Rock Planet // 2am-6am Eastern
Weekdays // // 12pm - 2pm Eastern
Saturdays // Classic Rock Planet // 2pm - 7pm Eastern
Sundays // Retro Radio // 12pm - 6pm Eastern
Monday // The Edge // 4pm - 8pm Eastern
Saturdays // Retro Radio // 12pm - 6pm Eastern
Sundays // Classic Rock Planet // 6pm - 11pm Eastern
Friday // The Edge // the 90's Alt Vault // 8pm - 12am Eastern
Weekends // Roadhouse Rock // 10am-12pm Eastern
Weekdays // The Shark // 7pm-11pm Eastern
Weekdays // Classic Rock Planet // 10am-2pm EST
Saturdays // Classic Rock Planet // 7p - 12am Eastern
Sundays // Classic Rock Planet // 2pm - 6pm Eastern
Weekdays // Roadhouse Rock // 7pm - 12am Eastern
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