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The Best of Hair Metal and Melodic Rock from Indianapolis

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We rock Indianapolis and the world

The Shark

Re-live the magic of those 80's and 90's rock classics and some deep cuts along with today's new melodic rock

The best of hair metal and melodic rock lives on Indy’s rock station, 103.5 The Shark.  We rock the classic bands and more from the 80’s and 90’s like Skid Row, Tesla, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Whitesnake and more.  We also play today’s new melodic rock, which sounds just like the rock of the 80s. Bands like Revolution Saints, Hell In The Club, Wig Wam, Edge Of Forever, H.E.A.T. and more!

We also have some characters hosting shows that you wanna check out.  We bring some of our own shows like New Bangers, Monster Rock and more.  We carry some great syndicated shows like Streets of Rock N Roll hosted by Ron Keel, Back To The Arena, Hair On The Air, and Noize In The Attic.

If you like that hair metal and melodic rock sound, you have found your new station!  The Shark, where hair metal lives on! Message us on the Talk-Back button when listening to The Shark on the Audilous app, or email us directly:



Weekdays // Dirt Road Radio // 10am-2pm Eastern
Weekdays // The Shark // 3pm-7pm Eastern
Weekends // Rockcast Radio // 5pm-10pm Eastern
Weekends // The Shark // 10am-2pm Eastern
Weekends // The Shark // 10am-6pm Eastern
Weekdays // The Shark // 12am-4am Eastern
Weekdays // The Shark // 7pm-11pm Eastern
Weekdays // The Shark // 11am-3pm Eastern
Weekdays // The Shark // 7am-11am Eastern
Weekdays // Dirt Road Radio // 6am-10am Eastern
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