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Real People, Real Radio


Harmonizing life, one song at a time


Resonate. Celebrate. Where every beat tells a story


From old school to new school: your daily playground

A mix of both timeless and current hits, showcasing the genre’s evolution while providing soulful and melodic tunes featuring expressive vocals, emotional lyrics, and diverse musical styles. Spotlighting the work of iconic and emerging artists while celebrating the rich history and ongoing evolution of R&B music.


Weekends // The Vybe // 12am - 4am Eastern


Weekdays // The Vybe // 12pm - 4pm
Weekends // The Vybe // 12am-4am EST
Weekdays // The Vybe // 8pm - 12am Eastern
Weekdays // The Vybe // 4pm - 8pm Eastern
Weekends // The Vybe // 8am - 12pm Eastern
Weekends // The Vybe // 4pm - 8pm Eastern
Weekends // The Vybe // 8pm - 12am Eastern
Weekends // The Vybe // 12pm - 4pm Eastern
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